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Home Seller & Real Estate Marketing Services

We provide comprehensive real estate marketing services and act as your trusted real estate agent and broker. Our expertise includes employing effective real estate social media marketing strategies and utilizing the services of a top-notch real estate advertising agency. Most home sellers struggle with how to get the best price, in the least amount of time, with the fewest hassles to protect your family's equity. To solve this dilemma, your home is sold at a price acceptable to you, or we pay you the difference. Our approach is backed by thorough market research and up-to-date housing market statistics, ensuring that we protect your family's home equity through smarter selling strategies. You see, it's like having a sales price guarantee to protect your family and ensure you get the highest level of service and commitment.

*Your team services are All-Inclusive and below outlines what you receive, and more.

Putting your home in the MLS is not marketing

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MLS - This is not Marketing

This is Marketing

The MLS and other real estate websites are not designed to differentiate buyer needs. More importantly, if a potential buyer is not looking at real estate websites or the MLS, how would they even learn about your home as the solution to fit their needs? We solve this problem through targeted marketing, utilizing our expertise as a top-notch real estate advertising agency.
Off Market Home Selling System
Off Market Home Selling System
Home Seller Course Tutorial

Multiple custom websites for your property with beautiful photography, property details, interactive maps, school reports, and neighborhood information that looks great on every device.

Website Features

  • High-resolution photos/videos, display tools, 3D interactive video, and other virtual tours
  • School info, Mapping & Directions, and Local amenities
  • Optimized demographic-targeted real estate social media marketing and our proprietary Reverse Marketing©
Property website


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We know the importance of professional photography in real estate and photos are the first things a buyer sees, so large/high-resolution photos that are clean, sharp, bright, and look great are used to enhance the buyer experience.

Beautiful Photography 1
Beautiful Photography 2

Free Staging Consultation/Professional Staging

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Staging or constuction update
Staging Picture water view

3D Walkthrough Showcase/Virtual Tour

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In real estate, images are a crucial selling point. They can make or break a home’s perception to potential buyers. A 3D Walkthrough Showcase enhances the marketability of a listing by providing a great experience that static photography cannot match. It provides an engaging way of showing every room from multiple perspectives in a crisp, detailed and realistic manner.

Social Media Marketing

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We run multiple campaigns featuring your property on all the major social networks including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube.

Every week you are shown how many buyers visited your property websites from 
each of the social networks.

Facebook Ad
Pay Per Click
Social Media Organic Post
Smart Flyer

Retargeting Ad Campaign

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Ad Campaign

Buyers who viewed your property online will see it advertised again on popular websites and social networks they visit around the internet.

It's a great way to keep your property top of mind and encourage potential buyers to take a second look.

Weekly Performance Report

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Every week you receive a personal video just like you and us in front of the computer.

  • What we are doing to get your home sold for top dollar
  • Results on the marketing activity and split testing
  • What has come on the market, pended, and recently sold
  • What other agents and buyers are saying about your home
  • Who can we target for a Reverse Offer©
  • What trends are happening in the market
  • Recommendations that will help you
Weekly Performance Report

Email and Text Message Marketing

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Text message marketing

Showing Feedback

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Showing Feedback

Virtual Open House

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Open House

Free Pre-Inspection of Your Home

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Free Pre-Inspection of Your Home

One of the biggest challenges a homeowner has is the hassle of getting their home ready for sale. This includes the time to move things to storage, paint, carpet, minor to major repairs, updating a kitchen and/or bathrooms.

Solution: The easy solution is to use our Bentley Plus system to have professional contractors come in and get your home market ready so you can get the most amount of money, in the least amount of time, and with the fewest hassles.

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Off Market Home Selling System
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