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We help you protect the equity in your home with smarter selling strategies

Most home sellers struggle with how to get the best price, in the least amount of time, with the fewest hassles to protect your family's equity. To solve this dilemma, your home is sold at a price acceptable to you, or we pay you the difference. You see, it's like having a sales price guarantee to protect your family and ensure you get the highest level of service and commitment.

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Mortgage Interest Rates Forecast And Predictions 2023

Looking for information on mortgage interest rates forecast and predictions for 2023? Read this article to gain insights into what experts are saying.

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New Construction Pended Sales Up 18.5% While Mortgage Rates Inching Down!

Home prices are holding, multiple offers are definitely back, and 5,000 fewer New Listings than this time last year. Come learn how to navigate the ...

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Feds Raised Rates and 30 Year Mortgages Fell...WHAT?!

Yes, mortgage rates came down after a rally upwards, then down! There are a lot of real estate buyers out there rallying to be under contract and ...

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How Do You Determine The Value Of A Property?

Want to find your homes value accurately? Makes informed decisions concerning real estate investment property and assesses their value. Keep reading!!

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Mortgage Rates Are Like Fighting 7-Foot Waves, So Look For Calmer Waters!

But there is a little bit of relief with mortgage rates dropping a tad bit with the craziness with the banks on each coast. Builder sentiment is up ...

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Live Real Estate Market Update - First-Time Home Buyer Grants and Programs in 2023

Looking to buy your first home in 2023? Discover some of the top first-time home buyer grants, learn about the key information to find the best progra ...

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Will Mortgage Interest Rates Hit 7.5%? Are Foreclosures Up 45%?

The short answer is YES to both, but fully expected with the mortgage rates, and the foreclosure increases..well you will have to watch!

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Feds raising rates will affect mortgage rates and real estate

Inflation and numbers being reported on the economy are spurring the Feds to tame the beast and they know it will have an adverse impact...

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How To Interview A Realtor In 2023 - George Moorhead

This blog offers advice on how to interview a realtor in 2023, including must-ask questions, how to evaluate answers, and what to consider when making. ...

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The Real Estate Market vs Mortgage Rates Duking It Out!

Talk about crazy new territory! Pent-up buyer demand but lower inventory with fewer homes coming on the market is keeping prices up; however, mortgage ...

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